Advice For Changing Careers

By Mike Williams (’96 international business)

There’s a saying that if you do what you love, the money will follow.  I absolutely believe this.

As business people though, it’s easy to be dismissive of this kind of sentiment (as I have been in the past); we tend toward the pragmatic side of things.

Someone going through a career change, or beginning to think about one, can bring a level of pragmatism to finding that “dream job” that might be a bit outside the box though.

To give a simplified example — Let’s say your passion is art.  Well, it can be extremely hard to make a living as an artist, but if that’s what really drives you, you can find a way to make a decent living in that field by, say, being a teacher of art or the like.

That way you can still pursue your passion and be in ‘the field’ where you’re tapped in to what’s going on in the area you’re passionate about, while actually earning a living and getting by.

Bottom line is there’s always a way to make what you want happen.

Listen to podcast by Mike Williams as he shares how he decided to switch from a career in finance to a career in Rolfing.

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