Farewell, Fearless Leader!

donnaAfter an impactful eight years leading the launch and meteoric growth of CESR, Executive Director Donna Sockell has decided to move on from Leeds this summer, but she leaves behind a remarkable legacy. Donna has been a passionate advocate for the integration of ethics and social responsibility into the curriculum at Leeds, and along the way has influenced and touched the personal and professional lives of students, faculty and staff.

“Donna has taught us all to be better teachers through her consistent focus on students as the center of our activities.  She has done the herculean work of building this center and a strong network of support throughout the community.  I will miss her humor, counsel and enormous energy as we go forward to build on the solid foundation she built.”  Kevin McMahon, CESR Instructor

“I will forever remember Donna as the individual who’s impacted me most during my time at Leeds. She pushed me to be vulnerable, lead ethically and always question what is right. Thank you Donna for everything you’ve done for me.” Sam Battan, Former Student

“Not only did Donna ignite the flames when she hired me of my then-unshaped desire to be a businessperson and yet make the world a better place at the same time, but she also fostered my personal and professional development in order to further both of those desires.  She has been the catalyst for CESR’s growth and for its major achievements.  Donna hires outstanding people to implement and expand on her fantastic ideas.  CESR would be a mere speck in the Leeds firmament, if present at all, if not for the vision and leadership of Donna Sockell.” Lorna Christoff, CESR Instructor and Former CESR Program Coordinator

“There is no other way to say it, Donna was and is an inspiration. Unlike any other teacher I have ever worked with, she encouraged and inspired each of us to think differently about the world. Ultimately we all walked away ready to make the world a better place. It’s not every day you hear that from a bunch of business school students, but Donna had that impact.” Teen Rollins, CESR Stampede Coordinator and Former Student

“Participating in the year-long pilot Leadership Challenges class was an amazing experience, however what really made the class unforgettable was having Donna as our professor.  With her guidance, I was able to take my critical thinking skills to the next level and gain a wider perspective on what it means to be a responsible leader in the community.  I am also extremely appreciative of her support and motivation throughout the years–she has been a wonderful and inspiring mentor!” Tyffanie Ammeter, CESR Junior Board Member and Former Student

“Donna has had an outsize impact on our student population. Thousands of Leeds students will forever be different people because of her work with CESR and our curriculum.”  Kai Larsen, Professor of Management and CESR Instructor

“I began working with Donna eight years ago when she was teaching two sections of Introduction to Business, each section with 400(!) students. From the challenges of those first classes to the CESR of today, Donna has been a colleague, mentor and friend. Over the years, I learned so much about teaching – from curriculum, best practices and much more from Donna.  On more than one occasion, Donna has had to explain to me WHY she prefers a certain methodology or WHY she made a certain choice.  As for lasting impact – just last week at McGuckins, a local hardware store, the cashier asked me if I worked at CU with Donna. I was a little surprised by his question and although he did looked somewhat familiar, I could not place him. He went on to say that he had been in one of those first large Introduction to Business classes and that Donna was a professor he would never forget. As he put it – she commanded respect and he learned a lot. Now, that is impact!” Catherine Milburn, CESR Instructor

“I loved working in Donna’s group…I think the format she set up, where teams of teachers coordinate with one another for delivery of material, is superb.”  Tracy Jennings, Management Instructor and CESR Instructor

“I had the pleasure of taking several of Donna’s classes during my tenure at Leeds as well as the genuine privilege of working and writing for Donna and the CESR Program during my sophomore and junior years. Her advice and input in my academic career and my personal/professional life cannot be understated. When I was heart set on coasting and partying my way through college, Donna personally pulled me aside after class and gave me the business. She pushed me to succeed and encouraged me to be the best version of myself – accepting nothing less than my full effort. I witnessed firsthand the time and dedication Donna poured into creating and making the CESR program a success. Her mission of bringing integrity, responsibility and consciousness to the classroom in today’s business school is truly a remarkable achievement. Donna’s passion for teaching is palpable, her love of students sincere. She is the single most influential teacher I’ve ever had and I consider myself lucky to call Donna my mentor and friend.” Matt Shirk, Former Student and CESR Student Assistant

“Dr. Donna Sockell taught me how to be a good New Yorker and also how to have humility when the Red Sox beat the Yankees!”  Don Oest, CESR Instructor

“Donna is a remarkable leader and scholar whose dedication to and imprint on the Leeds School will be felt for many years by students and faculty alike.  She reflects the very best of the finest of personal characteristics and professional leadership traits rarely found in academia.  Her drive and selfless devotion to the school, her colleagues and her students will be felt for years to come and the imprint of her footsteps will stand alone as the standard of excellence for all of us.  God Bless you, Donna.” Doug Bennett, CESR Instructor

“I joined CESR on the day it officially became a Center and since then, I have known Donna to be a force of nature.  I never realized to what extent that was true, however, until the CESR banquet when she stayed on the podium and continued speaking above the blaring (false) alarm.  We coaxed her down eventually, but to me it was a perfect picture of Donna’s perseverance where others may have long given up.  Her unwavering dedication despite obstacles is the reason that CESR has grown to what it is today.  Donna, we owe you an enormous debt of gratitude for the impact you’ve had on our lives, as staff and faculty, and on the lives of Leeds students over the years.   We know your heart is always with students and that’s a legacy we plan to carry on!” Birdie Reznicek, CESR Instructor and CESR Managing Director

“Besides her obvious impact on CESR and Leeds, I think I’ve been most influenced by who Donna is as a person – a strong leader with a heart of gold. Donna’s professional integrity as well as her warmth, generosity and authenticity have made a huge impression on me. I have never had a manager who expects so much but also gives so much. I will miss being around her contagious energy and enthusiasm – the heartbeat of CESR.” Anneli Spielman, CESR Program Coordinator

“Donna Sockell was the most influential teacher, boss, and friend that I’ve ever had. She treated me as an adult and colleague in a world of students, challenged me to do things I had never done before, and to be proud of who I am and what I think. I wish her the very best in retirement; she deserves it!” Nick Mooney, Former Student and CESR Student Assistant

“Over the last 7 years Donna has built an incredible team and a powerful Center that will have a positive impact on our students in the years to come.  Through her efforts, CESR and Leeds have gained national attention for thought leadership on social responsibility and the role of education in producing business leaders with a conscience and a strong moral compass.  We are grateful for all she has done and for the legacy she leaves.” Francy Milner, CESR Instructor

“My Leeds School of Business experience would not have been nearly as meaningful had it not been for Donna.  I had the privilege of not only working for Donna in CESR, but having her as a professor for my mega-section BCOR 1010, BCOR 3010 and Leadership Challenges course.  Donna had the unique ability to connect with her students individually while lecturing; even when in a room of hundreds.  Her presence and enthusiasm as a lecturer and professor inspired me to not only perform to her high expectations, but to adopt high expectations for myself as well.  She didn’t just challenge students to do the work, but rather challenged them to strive to be better people.   Although the students lucky enough to have Donna as a professor will be forever touched by her like I am, Donna’s impact is much more lasting.  By dedicating her time at Leeds to developing a program that helps each student identify their individual core values and the implications of those values on the community at large, Donna will be responsible for an entire generation of responsible and thoughtful business professionals.  I will always consider Donna a friend and my most influential mentor.” Theresa Vertucci Hacsi, J.D., Former Student

“In 2006, I was looking to expand my teaching duties as CU while concurrently beginning work on my doctoral dissertation.  Donna was ramping up CESR and we agreed I’d be a good fit for her BCOR 3010 team.  I was honored for the opportunity which led to a couple of years teaching BCOR 3010 and then moving into the Management Division.  So, without Donna it’s likely I wouldn’t be in position I have today, my dream job.”  Keith Stockton, Management Instructor and CESR Instructor

“Donna gave me the opportunity to teach meaningful classes in a meaningful way.  I’m forever grateful for the opportunity to teach such wonderful students!” Liz Stapp, CESR Instructor

“Donna is a person who truly leads by example; as a student assistant at CESR I was very fortunate to see Donna in action. CESR has grown tremendously because of her vision, advocacy, and creation of an exceptional team. She is a woman who stands for what she believes in and is not afraid to speak up for what is right. Donna’s outspoken, values-driven personality is something I truly admire and strive to emulate in my own life.” Chelsea Kiyabu, Former CESR Student Assistant

“I believe Donna Sockell impacts every life she touches.  She certainly has impacted mine. I retired… I thought…Then I met Donna…and she has made my 6 years at Leeds a wonderful ride. Working with Donna means ‘never having to say you’ve stopped learning’…She will be sorely missed at Leeds.” Beth Cross, CESR Instructor

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Conscious Capitalism Conference Inspires Attendees

CCCCESR’s 4th Annual Conscious Capitalism Conference, Business Reinvented: Transforming Lives plowed ahead despite a hazardous spring snow storm on April 17th. CESR Executive Director and founder of the conference remarked, “Even the challenges of rain, sleet, and snow did not stop several hundred talented students, faculty, and business professionals from venturing out to CCCIV. Attendees were treated to the inspiration and wisdom of speakers who have shaped the lives of many people in local, national, and global communities in very different ways.”

The conference was designed to challenge the thinking and stimulate the creativity of the next generation of great business leaders by exposure to outstanding business entrepreneurs who have made values-driven choices in their careers. This year those role models included Whole Foods Board Members Bud Sorenson and Mo Siegel, former Speaker of the House at the Colorado House of Representatives, Andrew Romanoff, now the senior advisor of International Development Enterprises (iDE), Rob Cohen, CEO of IMA Financial Group, and The Unreasonable Institute’s CFO/COO and Co-founder, Tyler Hartung.

“It’s going to take smart minds and a lot of them to put a dent in the problems our world faces. Many of those people are at the Conscious Capitalism Conference. This is why I was motivated to speak there,” said Tyler, after receiving rave reviews for his presentation by attendees.

Leeds senior Linda Pham was in attendance and remarked, “It’s great to reconnect ourselves to our own values and listen to professionals talk about theirs. As a student who is about to approach the real world, I feel like I can be a strong leader.”

A new feature this year was an experiential session requiring students to analyze a case study in sustainability presented by Susan Forsell, VP of Sustainability for McDonald’s. A panel of corporate social responsibility professionals including Jim Peterson, VP of Marketing at Ball Corporation, Nan Stout, Founder of the Ethics Office at Staples, and Deanna Bratter, Sr. Manager of Responsible Livelihood at WhiteWave engaged in a discussion about students’ recommendations for making McDonald’s a more sustainably-driven company.

“Having the case study on sustainable meat production was an invaluable way to demonstrate the complexities of modern governance,” commented Liz Stapp, an instructor at CESR.

Another new feature of the conference was a session focused on guiding students toward planning their path toward a socially-responsible career, led by Mark Albion, Co-Founder and Managing Partner of More than Money Careers.

Andrew Romanoff conducted a special Skype conversation with Carlos Urmeneta, an iDE Country Director in Honduras. Carlos talked about his efforts to establish a for-profit social enterprise (iDEal Tecnologías) for iDE in Central America – a provider of sustainable solutions for smallholder farmer initiatives in the region.

Schools from all over the Colorado region helped sponsor the conference and were also in attendance. Colorado State, University of Colorado at Colorado Springs, Regis University and the University of Northern Colorado each brought a delegation of students, as they have in years past.

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CESR Stampede – A Success!

stampede final logoOn April 15-19 CESR hosted its first annual CESR Stampede at Leeds: A Week of Driving Values in Business. Over 1200 people turned out for the 16 events targeted at current students, alumni, and the business community in the greater Boulder/Denver area. According to Stampede organizer Francy Milner, also a CESR Instructor, the week was a great success as a showcase for the accomplishments of the Center and CESR students, and a shared vision of how business can contribute to a better world.

Even the heavy snow couldn’t bring down the energy as students, professionals and community members came together on Monday to discuss social enterprise and social impact. The day featured a lunch with Jensine Larsen, founder of World Pulse, an award-winning organization that uses media and empowerment training to give a voice to women change leaders from 190 countries.  In addition, Social Impact day featured a Social Enterprise panel focused on defining the ‘new normal’ for business in the 21st century, hosted by Restorative Leadership Institute founder, Seana Steffen.  Following the panel, participants in an exciting Marketplace of Ideas gathered in an open space forum with local high-impact social enterprises, brainstorming new strategies to evolve their impact.

Stampede Week brought together many experts from their respective fields. CESR faculty member Dave Payne facilitated the ‘New Business Climate’ panel featuring Jim White, Director of INSTAAR, Kate Hamilton, Managing Director of Ecosystem Marketplace and Jason Denner, Founder and Principal of POINT 380. The three panelists provided the factual basis and context for a vibrant moderated panel discussion, addressing the threats and opportunities at the convergence of the science, policy, and business of global climate change.

The fourth annual Conscious Capitalism Conference, CESR’s flagship event, featured inspiring business leaders: Rob Cohen, CEO of IMA Financial Group, Bud Sorenson, Board Member Whole Foods Market and former Dean of the Business School; Mo Siegel, founder of Celestial Seasonings; Andrew Romanoff, Senior Advisor at International Development Enterprises (iDE); and Mark Albion, Co-Founder and Managing Partner of More Than Money Careers and Founder of Net Impact. Attendees also participated in a thought-provoking case study about sustainability at fast-food giant, McDonalds.

Thursday featured more top-notch presenters. At lunch, organics industry panelists talked with attendees about the environmental and economic benefits of the organic industry, as well as efforts to incorporate social and environmental responsibility into their businesses. In the afternoon, two career events were held for students to explore the world of sustainability and social impact. Dr. Mark Albion led a workshop for Leeds students on how to find that dream social impact job, and a panel of leaders in businesses focused on social responsibility and social impact, discussed their personal career paths.

Time Magazine 2002 Person of the Year, and WorldCom Whistleblower, Cynthia Cooper, gave a powerful presentation Thursday evening to an audience of students, local business leaders and community members. Cooper retold her heroic story of whistleblowing with as much passion and conviction as if it were her first time telling the story. Her remarks thoroughly inspired the students and other attendees, who engaged in a lively question and answer session with Ms. Cooper.

Highlights of the week included three student competitions focused on social impact and sustainability. The campus-wide New Venture Challenge Case Competition featured its social impact track on Monday evening. The participating students showed their flexibility by competing over the phone after campus was closed due to heavy snow!

Tuesday night’s Sustainability Showcase displayed student projects, recorded on video, and attendees selected the top projects by vote with a business card, according to Susie Lewis, team lead for the Sustainability Showcase,

“We dreamed up the Sustainability Showcase as a space for students to share the work they’re doing to create a more sustainable business world. We need great minds to come together and share their talents and passion, and the showcase was our way to facilitate these productive collisions among MBA students and working professionals in our community.”

The original idea of a showcase developed into a competition, display and networking opportunity for MBAs, undergraduate students and the business community. First place winner, Justin Dart, a Leeds undergraduate student, commented that “The Sustainability Showcase just goes to show how truly impactful the CESR program has become. It demonstrates that the Leeds School not only gives students the tools to work in the business world, but that it encourages and fosters our dreams to accomplish more.”

The final day of Stampede Week featured a sustainability case competition. Teams of undergraduate students competed to analyze a case study written by two MBA students, proposing effective business strategies for Revision International, a Denver-based social enterprise focused on urban gardening and community development. Event co-organizer Emily Clinton, a Leeds undergraduate, felt it was a successful event “because a lot of undergraduates were interested in participating in the competition.” This was another example of graduate and undergraduate students coming together to produce a meaningful competition and advance the field of social and environmental responsibility.  These events will be a model for Stampede and for Leeds in the future.

All in all it was a great week of collaboration and innovative approaches to responsible and cutting-edge business. We are already looking forward to next year!

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Leeds Graduate Embarks on Adventure with Thriive

Terrence Rouda graduated from Leeds in Spring 2012 with an emphasis in Accounting and a certificate in Real Estate. Terrence took Catherine Milburn’s class, Business Solutions for the Developing World, last spring and continues to pursue his passion for social responsibility through an internship with a multinational economic development organization called Thriive. Rouda feels that the class “will play an integral role” in his success with the internship. “It’s a very exciting opportunity and I’m thrilled to be able to apply my CU education in a field that I’m passionate about,” notes Terrence. terrence rouda smaller

Thriive works in Asia, Africa, and Central America with local entrepreneurs and businesses. Unlike traditional microfinance, they make loans to businesses that are the ‘missing gap’ of capital needs; too large for microfinance and too small for traditional financing. Their loans are expressly intended for businesses to acquire equipment and other assets that will increase their production and manufacturing ability. Also, all the loans are repaid, interest free, by providing a combination of goods, services, and vocational training to those in need. The three goals of Thriive are job creation, business growth, and meaningful charity. Thriive has discovered that after businesses repay their loans, they oftentimes continue to make charitable contributions in their community via goods and services or vocational training.

In September 2012, Terrence left for Hue, Vietnam, where he worked one-on-one with local business to help them improve their business plans and prepare for potential expansion. He traveled throughout Vietnam for three months, visiting and assisting businesses in rural communities as well as in the suburbs of Hanoi. Rouda spent part of his time helping businesses better manage and record their finances to prepare more accurate financial reports. The businesses he worked with ranged from vegetable farmers, to shoe makers, to printers. Another portion of Rouda’s time was devoted to teaching English at Hue University and helping out at a children’s shelter in the area.

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Students Clamor for Chance to Meet Buffet

Excitement is building at Leeds around the upcoming trip to meet Warren Buffett in Omaha. On March 15th, twenty lucky students will get the opportunity to have lunch and attend a Q & A session (and also go on two exclusive tours of Berkshire Hathaway subsidiaries). Over the last several months applications have poured into the CESR office to meet the February 1st deadline. We are now in the process of selecting the students most aligned with CESR’s mission to represent our school and values on this special trip.  

warren buffet

Leeds’ students were granted this opportunity after CESR reached out to Warren Buffett, as many of CESR’s values align with his. Students will have the chance to ask him questions and learn about his philanthropic, investment and leadership styles. Keep an eye out for updates on the trip as it nears!

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CESR SRE Certificate Program Experiences Major Growth

This spring 18 students will be graduating with the CESR Socially Responsible Enterprise (SRE) Certificate. Due to intense student interest and fabulous courses, SRE program enrollment has grown exponentially since its inception three years ago, deepening CESR’s influence on students and the world. There are currently 46 students enrolled in the SRE Certificate Program with a total of 19 having graduated in past years.

sre photo small

In order to receive the SRE Certificate students must complete three out of six CESR elective courses. These courses, often described as some of the best and most innovative in Leeds, are:  Leadership Challenges: Exercises in Moral Courage, Sustainable Operations, Business Solutions for the Developing World, Microfinance, Privacy in the Age of Facebook, and Integrated Reporting for Socially Responsible Strategies.

In addition to these courses, students complete experiential work in social entrepreneurship, sustainability or social responsibility. By earning the certificate, students gain a valuable credential to enhance their Bachelor’s degree while building their resume to attract socially responsible employers and learning to appreciate the social and environmental impacts of business from a broader perspective. Congratulations to the Spring Graduates

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CESR Stampede – It’s Coming!

smaller stampede logoThe CESR Stampede at Leeds: A Week of Driving Values in Business is quickly rumbling toward us and just around the corner on April 15-19th! There will be 16 events over the week with highlights including the Sustainability Showcase, the 4th annual Conscious Capitalism Conference, and our headline speaker on Thursday night: Cynthia Cooper.

The Sustainability Showcase takes place on Tuesday, April 16th at the Leeds School of Business and is designed as an opportunity for the community to come together and witness all that Leeds has to offer in the form of student talent. This evening of impactful networking will feature a gallery-style exhibition of student work with the winners judged by our guests.

“Our students engage in some amazing work that creates truly positive impact in our community,” says Susanne Lewis, President of the Net Impact chapter at Leeds. “We’re excited to engage with our community, learn from each other, and establish even stronger ties with the business community. The Showcase is also a wonderful opportunity for employers and prospective employees to interact in a meaningful way.”

The event is hosted by the Center for Education on Social Responsibility, Net Impact, the Leeds Sustainability Council, and Hub Boulder, and will feature catered hours d’oeuvres and a keynote speech from a special guest.

Register for Sustainability Showcase

The 4th annual Conscious Capitalism Conference on Wednesday, April 17thwill gather business students from the region and business professionals to learn how talented leaders have used the traditional tools of capitalism to serve social needs. Influential business leaders and entrepreneurs will discuss the values-driven choices they’ve made and will include Ralph (Bud) Sorenson, Board Member at Whole Foods, Mo Siegel, the founder of Celestial Seasonings, and Mark Albion, Co-Founder and Managing Partner of More Than Money Careers and the founder of Net Impact. Andrew Romanoff, Senior Advisor of International Development Enterprises (iDE) returns to the conference after rave reviews from last year’s event.

Register for Conscious Capitalism Conference

CESR Stampede week’s headliner speaks on Thursday, April 18th in Muenzinger Auditorium. In 2002, Cynthia Cooper led a small team of internal auditors to uncover $3.8 billion in accounting fraud at WorldCom. Later that year, Time magazine honored Cooper as one of their Persons of the Year for the courageous actions she took. Cooper will discuss ethics, leadership and overcoming adversity.

Register for Cynthia Cooper

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ProtoTest Supports Net Impact

The Net Impact Chapter at Leeds received a generous donation last semester from ProtoTest, a Denver-based certified B-Corp. ProtoTest helps software companies and IT departments staff their contract and direct-hire openings with the best technical professionals and also provides automated testing for mobile apps in their Denver lab. This funding will support the chapter’s programming, including the Sustainability Showcase during CESR Stampede Week. netimpact

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New CSR Reporting Class Offered this Semester

It is challenging enough for companies to measure and report financial events, but when non-financial sustainability reporting is added, there are additional challenges to make sure the information is reliable, comparable and consistent. Integrated Reporting for Socially Responsible Strategies (ACCT/CESR 4827), explores this as a brand new undergraduate-level elective course for Leeds’ students.

Two thirds of CFOs say they are involved in driving sustainability strategies in their organizations, and more than half say their involvement has increased over the last year, according to a global survey launched by Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited. This course introduces the growing global practice of companies to measure, disclose and report for socially responsible strategies. Integrated reporting combines financial, environmental, social and governance information in the same report. The course examines why there is a need for expanded reporting to help investors and other stakeholders understand how a corporation is accountable to society and to provide information useful in decision making.


catherine milburncathleen-burns smaller“Integrated Reporting for Sustainable Strategies is one of the first courses dedicated to this topic in the United States and will prepare accountants and other business leaders who work with global partners who are already implementing integrated reporting,”  remarked Cathleen Burns, CESR External Board Member and a consultant/educator. She co-developed this course with Catherine Milburn, CESR Instructor and Associate Director of Curriculum.

The course, which is cross-listed with Accounting and CESR, qualifies for hours required to take the CPA exam and as one of the course requirements for the Socially Responsible Enterprise (SRE) certificate from CESR.

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Leeds MBA Team Visits Nicaragua

On January 6th an MBA team from CESR’s Social Entrepreneurship in Emerging Markets class headed for Nicaragua to support a Nicaraguan nonprofit, FUPRSOMUNIC (Solar Program Foundation for Nicaraguan Women), in its business planning.  The Solar Program Foundation, which was begun eight years ago by Nicaraguan native and Boulder resident, Mercedes Alvarez,  is dedicated to helping rural Nicaraguan women improve their lives through the use of solar cookstoves and solar purification of water. francy_nicaragua

The student team included Emily Deemer, Lora Golann and Devon Wilton, accompanied by CESR Instructor Francy Milner. They joined FUPROSOMUNIC staff members and community leaders to tour rural areas of the country, meet clients, and gain first-hand knowledge of cooking with solar cookstoves. The students agreed that their experience on this site visit will prove invaluable as they prepare a business model to help FUPROSOMUNIC achieve financial sustainability through the sale and export of dried fruits and hibiscus leaves for use in tea and cold drinks.

Lora pointed out that “although we could have obtained FUPROSOMUNIC’s financial information, pictures, and grant applications remotely, the in-country visit gave us a more holistic understanding of the organization and its achievements and challenges. We were able to see firsthand the use of the solar cookstoves and the ways that families benefit from this renewable energy-based form of cooking.”

The cookstoves, which the women learn to build for themselves, enable the women to prepare meals for their families and food items to sell – without exposure to the toxic fumes of wood-burning cookstoves, which have led to disease, death and deforestation in many developing countries.

“I was struck by how much these women truly care for the environment and their excitement that the solar stoves are lowering their carbon footprint and saving trees in their communities,” observed Emily.

Devon felt that working directly with the organization and talking with the beneficiaries of their solar stove program helped him realize that this wasn’t just a class exercise, but “a real project with the potential to have tangible benefits for people served by FUPROSOMUNIC.”

Now that the student team has returned from Nicaragua with a greater understanding of the needs of the project partner and its clients, they will Given the difficult circumstances in rural Nicaragua and FUPRSOMUNIC’s mission to offer greater opportunities and better living conditions to the most vulnerable women and families in rural areas, the team is committed to producing a plan to help the Foundation achieve its ambitious goals.

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