Alumni Profile: Dillon Long

Dillon Long is a recent graduate of Leeds, having completed the five year concurrent BS/MS program in accounting. After graduating last month, he headed to the Big Apple where he started work at PricewaterhouseCoopers’ New York Metro office on the real estate tax team as an associate.

“CESR has made a major impact on my college career from the very start. If it weren’t for Donna, her hard work developing the Center, and the fact that she cares for the students more than anybody I have ever met, I would not be nearly as successful as I have up to this point.” While at Leeds, Dillon took CESR’s highly selective, top-rated Leadership Challenges: Exercises in Moral Courage course. “Leadership Challenges was my favorite course because of the rigor and hands-on application of the material. It helped me build an ethical decision-making framework and also given me confidence in my presentation abilities.”

Dillon Long found it incredibly interesting to learn from guest speakers about business situations which are not typically encountered during a normal workday. “One major distinguishing factor was the guest speakers, which were generally sponsored by CESR. Two that stood out the most were Sam Antar, the accountant behind the Crazy Eddies fraud, and Andy Fastow, the former CFO of Enron.”

We asked Dillon what advice he would pass on to current students. He recommends that they be proactive in their job search and visit Career Connections their freshman year to develop a career plan. He notes that “jobs aren’t given out the last day of senior year.” Dillon was very involved at Leeds as a Leeds Ambassador, member of Delta Sigma Pi and organizer of Leedsapalooza, the Leeds new student welcome.

We will miss seeing Dillon at the front desk in the Dean’s Suite and the Real Estate Center, where he worked part-time for several years.

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