CU Business Intensive Certificate



Graduates face an increasingly competitive job market where business skills can complement one’s degree and enhance marketability. The CU Business Intensive Certificate (CUBIC) program has been refining students’ understanding of business concepts for more than 12 years!

This three-week, non-credit certification program teaches fundamental business skills, the importance of group work and career development skills to non-business majors. Upon successful completion of the program, participants will be awarded a Certificate in Applied Business and will have earned a competitive edge when entering the job market.

WHEN: May 12-30, 2014
Monday-Friday, 9:00am-5:30pm

WHERE: University of Colorado at Boulder campus
Leeds School of Business

WHAT: Students learn about key concepts in accounting, finance, marketing, management, operations, sustainability and entrepreneurship. Students also benefit from personalized career development programs with Human Resource professionals, including résumé critiques and mock interviews.

TUITION: $3,800.

Tuition includes curriculum, all materials, company field trips, lunch and coffee on all class days along with access to HR professionals and CUBIC alumni. Housing and additional meal options are available during June at an additional cost.

Sample Schedule

WHY CUBIC: 10+ years of experience providing college juniors, seniors and recent graduates with a career advantage by teaching non-business majors basic business principles and personalized career development to prepare them for the ‘real world’.

Parent Testimonial

“I was truly impressed watching the 2012 CUBIC student presentations. My son is an aerospace engineering major, and unfortunately his program requires that most of his time is spent in math and science courses. This was a wonderful way for him to broaden his education and learn valuable business skills which will surely benefit him throughout his engineering career. I would highly recommend CUBIC to any student as a compliment to their chosen field of study. Thanks to you, your staff and professors for making my son's experience such a positive one!”

—Cynthia Feldman Paley

Student Testimonials

“CUBIC offered some of the highest quality instruction I have had in all my four years as a student at CU Boulder and not only this, the instructors make it fun learning skills and knowledge which are essential in the professional world.”

—Sam Pressprich, IAFS 2013

“I'm VERY glad I chose to do CUBIC! Finance was one of the most applicable exciting parts of the program. It definitely expanded my view of how to go about getting a job in the real world and what jobs are actually out there also. This program was an easy jump start to networking for the future and an easy tool to create the very best resume... I even ended up with an internship immediately following CUBIC!”

—Kristyn K., MCDB, Biochemistry 2012

Frequently Asked Questions


Who is eligible to enroll in the CUBIC program?

Non-business undergraduate students with a minimum of 60 credit hours at the end of Spring Semester 2014 from any accredited college or university are eligible. Recent graduates who received their non-business Bachelor's degree no more than two years ago are also eligible.

Can I earn university credit?

No, CUBIC is designed to provide motivated students an intensive high-level introduction to business. CUBIC is not intended to substitute regular university courses. Participants graduate from the program with a Certificate in Applied Business from the Leeds School of Business at the University of Colorado at Boulder.

What is the attendance policy?

In order to graduate with a CUBIC certificate, students cannot miss more than three ½ day sessions. Attendance will be taken at random throughout the morning and afternoon sessions. We suggest that students do not commit to a job that begins before 6:00pm during CUBIC.

Can I use financial aid for the CUBIC Program?

No, traditional financial aid is not available as CUBIC is a non-credit program. A limited number of scholarships are available (requests due by March 3, 2014).

What is the typical class size?

Each class usually has 50 students (maximum 75 students). This size is large enough to promote diverse opinions and discussions, but small enough to allow individual attention from instructors and staff.

Are exams, homework or grades given?

There is homework, but no tests or letter grades are given. Homework assignments will be designed to illustrate business concepts and to build knowledge. Participants meet an average of 10-15 hours outside of classroom time to work on their business plan.

What is the Entrepreneurial Business Plan Challenge?

Students will be provided with a rich curriculum dedicated to the core areas of academic business study that will be utilized in developing an innovative business plan for a new product or service. On the last day of CUBIC, teams will present their projects to a panel of experts and their classmates. Projects will be judged and prizes awarded for the most feasible and well-constructed project. CUBIC faculty will mentor students to ensure the successful completion of their team projects.

Will I need to buy textbooks and other materials?

No, the expense of all course materials are included in the price of the program.

Do I need a laptop computer for class?

No, a laptop computer is not needed during class time. All materials and important information will be posted on a designated website.

What is the dress code?

On most days the attire is casual. We strongly encourage students to dress in business casual or regular business attire on days they are meeting with HR professionals, on field trips and during the business plan judging.

How will CUBIC benefit my future?

Business knowledge is critical and universal across all industries. Learning essential business fundamentals gives you a leg up in today’s competitive job market. With CUBIC, you not only are a pro in your major, but you can speak the language of business with confidence. Complement your CU education by sharpening your business knowledge. Shine during interviews by demonstrating your business savvy. Make important business connections through CUBIC’s network. Even develop your financial foundation so that you can start investing and saving for your own financial future. Take advantage of the career development opportunities to work on your résumé and improve your interviewing skills. Benefit from the expertise of our leading Leeds faculty!


CUBIC Testimonials

Student testimonials from the 2013 CUBIC session.