Global Business Certificate


The globalization of the marketplace demands managers who can successfully compete in a global/multicultural business environment in the United States and around the world. Understanding the significant cultural, economic, and political differences between countries and regions is vital to success in global settings. Managers in a global business must not only be sensitive to these differences but they must also adopt the appropriate policies and strategies for dealing with them.

To address these issues, the Leeds School of Business offers to its students the Global Business Certificate. The certificate entails core courses focusing on global topics related to Management, Marketing and Finance plus additional requirements that build on the students’ understanding of the functional areas of business and provide them with an appreciation of the global environment. The certificate supplies students with a framework for developing the appropriate mindset to be effective in a global marketplace..

This certificate program is for Business majors only.

Career Opportunities

Expertise in international business is invaluable when considering the global nature of business today. Career opportunities in export-import, portfolio management, and direct foreign investment are continually growing in all areas of the world. Of particular importance are the countries of the Pacific Rim, the European Economic Community, and, more recently, the countries comprising NAFTA.


Required Courses

These courses must be taken in residence at the Leeds School. All courses are for 3 credits unless indicated otherwise.

  • INBU 3300: International Business Management
  • INBU 3450: International Marketing
  • INBU 4200: International Financial Management

In addition to these three courses, the certificate program requires the completion of the following 15 credit hours:

  • Six credits of economics, geography, or political science beyond core requirements. Courses that are used for core may NOT also count for this certificate. Students may use these courses as non-business electives. Courses must be selected from the approved list (see below).
  • Three credits of foreign language beyond MAPS requirements. To fulfill this requirement, students who graduated high school in Spring 1994 and later will need to complete the equivalent of 4th level foreign language (ie: through SPAN 2120, GRMN 2020, FREN 2120 etc.). Please see an advisor if you have questions or if you graduated earlier than Spring 1994 to determine your requirement.
  • A significant international experience. This requirement can be satisfied in a number of ways. Check with the Undergraduate Advising Office to verify that your experience will qualify before starting! See the requirements page above, for detailed information. A qualifying experience could include: participation in a study abroad program, an international academic internship, service work in an international location, or an internship with an organization focused on global business and economics.

The Leeds School recommends that international business students consider taking the additional international course, MGMT 4070, International Operations Management.