Chris Leach

Senior Associate Dean for Faculty and Research

Office of the Dean


J. Chris Leach, Ph.D. is a Professor of Finance and Deming Professor of Entrepreneurship. He has taught undergraduates, MBAs and executives at the Wharton School, Carnegie Mellon, and the Indian School of Business. Leach is the co-author of the best-selling textbook Entrepreneurial Finance, 3rd edition, that applies tools and techniques of corporate finance to the entrepreneurial venture.


  • Faculty Associate, Burridge Center for Securities Analysis and Valuation
  • Trefftzs Award for Outstanding Research, Western Finance Association
  • American Association for Individual Investors Doctoral Dissertation
  • Award, AAII and the Financial Management Association
  • Graduate Professor of the Year, University of Colorado
  • MBA Teaching Excellence Award, University of Colorado


How to Time Your Roth IRA Conversion

Chris Leach, finance professor at the Leeds School of Business, is researching how investors can get the best value from a Roth conversion, which changes the tax status of a retirement account.