CESR Program Becomes a Center

Press Release

Leeds School of Business

April 27, 2010

Boulder, CO --- The Leeds School of Business is pleased to unveil the Center for Education on Social Responsibility, born out of its current program dedicated to teaching students about values and ethics.

Since 2007, the Curriculum Emphasis on Social Responsibility (CESR) program has helped students become outstanding business leaders of tomorrow by preparing them to meet the ethical challenges posed by a highly competitive, globally-connected business world. The new center, which will continue to use the acronym CESR and remain housed within the Leeds School, continues its mission to foster interactions with business communities locally and globally through coursework, research, service learning opportunities, and its professional mentorship program.

“CESR’s transition into the Center for Education on Social Responsibility represents the dedication of the Leeds School of Business to infuse a discussion of values and social responsibility throughout the students’ education,” said Director Dr. Donna Sockell. “Our efforts to be recognized and supported by our university and business partners will be enhanced. Also, our students will be recognized as having a concern for the full impact of business decisions on themselves as business leaders and on all their stakeholders. These are the essential characteristics of the outstanding values-driven leaders of tomorrow.”

Noted by the high ranks given by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business and the Aspen Institute, CESR focuses on business fundamentals and ethics, making a connection within a consistent and high-quality learning environment that the choices of individuals impact the community and the world. Additionally the diverse range of experiences and expertise of CESR’s faculty reinforces the importance of interdisciplinary, collaborative projects and meaningful exchange with the business community, students and other faculty, another mission of the new center. The center will have internal and external advisory boards, and the director will report directly to the Leeds School dean. For more information, visit leeds.colorado.edu/cesr.