Colorado Business Economic Outlook 2013


December 2012

The Colorado Business Economic Outlook is the longest-running forecast of the Colorado economy. Initially presented at an event in Denver in early December, the forecast analyzes changes that have taken place in industry sectors during the past year and looks at the events and activities that will shape changes in population and employment, and in the overall economy for the coming year.

The forty-eighth annual Colorado Business Economic Outlook Forum was held December 3 at the Denver Marriott City Center.



Job growth accelerated in Colorado in 2012, with the state adding 47,900 jobs, a gain of 2.1%. This leaves the state with a jobs deficit of 2.3% from the April 2009 peak employment. The consensus of the 2013 estimating committees is that employ- ment growth will continue in 2013, with the state adding another 42,100 new jobs, leaving the jobs deficit at 0.6%.

Over the past 10 years, goods-producing industries lost a net 59,300 jobs, while services-producing industry gained 180,500 jobs. Both goods- and services-producing sectors are anticipated to add workers in 2013.

Breakout Session Presentations

The Global Scramble for Minerals and Energy

Vincent Matthews, Colorado Geological Survey:
The Global Scramble for Minerals and Energy—Its Impact on Colorado

Small Business Financing in the 2013 Economy

Mark Abell, Vectra Bank of Colorado
SBA—Small Business Financing in the 2013 Economy

Don Childears, The Colorado Bankers Association
Changes in Lenders’ Regulatory Environment & How Help/Hinder Small Business

Alex Dempster, Colorado Housing and Finance Authority
Small Business Financing

Economic Uncertainty in the Denver Real Estate Market

Terrance Hunt, Apartment Realty Advisors
MileHighlights, Apartment Market

Paul B. Kluck, CBRE
Industrial Economic Outlook 2012

David O. Larson, Legend Retail Group, LLC
Retail Dynamics, Macro Level

Peter Niederman, Kentwood Real Estate
Greater Metropolitan Denver, Residential

Nicholas J. Pavlakovich, Cushman & Wakefield

John Jugl
Denver Investment Market