Leeds is proud to be able to offer a large number of significant scholarships to our students. Additionally, there are other cross-campus scholarship opportunities available to Leeds students.

Alvin G. Flanagan Memorial & Cecil Walker Family Scholarships

The Flanagan and Walker scholarships are merit-based scholarships offered to outstanding candidates enrolled in the Leeds School of Business, Presidents Leadership Class, and/or School of Journalism and Mass Communication at the University of Colorado Boulder.

Business Leadership Program

The Office of Diversity Affairs' leadership program provides top high school students from diverse backgrounds with an understanding of business fundamentals, computer skills and a chance to network with business professionals, all on the CU-Boulder campus.

Leeds Scholarships


Undergraduate students currently enrolled full time in the Leeds School of Business at the CU Boulder campus at the time of scholarship application (having completed 12 credit hours in the previous semester at CU Boulder) are eligible to apply for business scholarship awards. Awards are competitive and scholarship funds are limited; therefore, submission of an application does not guarantee a scholarship award.

Application Process

The application period for this year has ended, as of March 3, 2014 at midnight.

London Seminar in International Finance and Business

Scholarships to attend the Summer 2012 London Seminar in International Finance and Business

Invest in Scholarships

To develop the high-achieving business leaders of tomorrow, we must be able to accommodate the financial needs of current and prospective students. As the cost of higher education rises, access to the Leeds School of Business becomes more of a reach and less of a reality for prospective students. Demand is growing for our highly ranked undergraduate and graduate curricula, and students are increasingly drawn to well-regarded programs in specialties such as ethics, sustainability, business law, and entrepreneurship. Prospective undergraduate and graduate students are attracted to our excellent faculty and academic breadth, all nestled in an unparalleled location.

You can help current and future Leeds students finance their education regardless of their background and circumstances, while at the same time enhancing the quality of our student body.

To invest in Leeds Scholarships, contact Greg Jones, Senior Director of Development, at 303.735.5718 or via

Undergraduate Scholarships

We need to offer highly competitive students financial packages that persuade them to choose Leeds over other schools. Additionally, in the wake of historic economic turbulence, scholarships can provide a viable path to graduation for all of our students, especially those from underrepresented constituencies who face significant financial challenges.

MBA Fellowships

Due to the enhanced reputation and rigor of Leeds MBA programs, enrollment has grown substantially in recent years. This growing student body is comprised of innovative scholars who already boast track records of achievement, and are striving to become dynamic business leaders in their chosen niche. MBA student recruitment is competitive; your fellowship support will ensure that Leeds can enroll the very best candidates.

Ph.D. Student Support

Leeds’s full-time Ph.D. program, intended for those who desire careers in university research and teaching, helps students develop the skills they need to design and execute original, innovative research, and to disseminate it through teaching and writing. Support for the Leeds Ph.D. program enhances Leeds’s ability to produce influential academic thought-leaders.