Trep Café


Trep Café (short for entrepreneur) is a student-run small business which operates as a non-profit organization that funds student scholarships. The café provides invaluable business experience for the student management team in charge of operations and a fully-functioning café and coffeehouse that serves the Leeds School of Business at the University of Colorado at Boulder.


5 years ago Trep Café was founded by a group of undergraduates from the Deming Center for Entrepreneurship in the Leeds School of Business. Undergraduates run Trep Café as a small business, overseeing daily operations and making decisions in Human Resources, Marketing and Communications, Finance and Accounting, and Supply Chain and Inventory Operations. Students also work as baristas in the café.

We offer a variety of beverages, breakfast and lunch items as well as an all-new catering program offered to faculty, staff and students within Leeds. Trep Café is located on the second floor of the Leeds School of Business outside the business library on the University of Colorado at Boulder campus in Boulder, Colorado.



Trep Café Catering has been completely revamped to better serve the needs of the Leeds School of Business. Our menu includes packages of coffee, bagels, pastries, juice, and is the perfect complement to any meeting or event. We also offer coffee carafes and condiments a la carte! Here at Trep we value the relationships that we have built in the Leeds community, with our past and current customers including the MBA program, Career Connections, Deming Center for Entrepreneurship and various student organizations.

Check out our menu, fill out our online order form below and you should receive a confirmation email within 24 hours. Please allow at least 2 days notice for all orders, 4 days notice for orders requiring food items. Custom orders can be allowed at manager's discretion, but please allow extra time for special ordering and email any questions

Thank you for your business!

Catering Menu

Catering Order Form

Management Team

Human Resources, General Manager

Christine Zucchini

Name: Christine Zucchini

Class: Senior

Major: Integrative Physiology, Chemistry and Neuroscience

Years with Trep: 3 years

Career Goals: Attend medical school and become a doctor.

Hometown: Boulder, Colorado

Extracurricular Involvement: Medical Volunteer activities

What valuable experience have you gained working at Trep Café? Management of employees and the overall business operations that happen daily, determining employee pay wages, evaluating employee performance to implement pay increases, conducting interviews for baristas and managers, effectively train new baristas for efficient transition, understanding company and health code policies, general coordinator among all employees, and being responsible for the general knowledge of Trep operations.

Favorite Drink: Woffee Latte

Supply Chain and Inventory Operations

Joy Hayashi

Name: Joy Hayashi

Class: Senior

Major: Business-Finance

Years at Trep: 2 years

Career Goals: Work for a global company that allows me to pursue my interests in financial and business analysis on an international level. In a few years, I’d also like to get my MBA.

Extracurricular Involvement: Delta Sigma Pi, Aloha Club, studied abroad in Shanghai, China

Hometown: Mililani, Hawaii

What valuable experience have you gained working at Trep Café? Managing vendor relations, researching and re-evaluating vendors, communicating with vendors and employees, managing company growth, working with a group toward a common goal.

Favorite Drink: Iced Woffee Latte

Finance and Accounting

Noah Hahnk

Name: Noah Hahn

Class: Junior

Major: Business-Finance, Minor in Economics

Career Goals: To earn my Masters in Accounting from Leeds School of Business and eventually run a successful company.

Years at Trep: 1 year

Hometown: Boulder, Colorado

Extracurricular Involvement: InterVarsity and Diverse Scholars Program

What valuable experience have you gained working at Trep Café? Trep Café has helped me take classroom practices and ideas and apply them to the real world. I have had experience managing employees and working with business. I have learned the importance, and difficulties, of following accounting principles. Most importantly, I have experienced the joy of solving problems and reaching goals.

Favorite Drink: Iced Third Street Chai Latte

Marketing and Communications

Kassidi Warnock

Name: Kassidi Warnock

Class: Senior

Major: Business-Marketing, Certificates in Digital Media and Operations/Info Management

Career Goals: Upon graduating I hope to get a job in project management or event marketing at a large firm and be able to manage individual accounts and client projects from start to finish.

Years with Trep: 2

Hometown: Colorado Springs, Colorado

Extracurricular Involvement: President and Captain of Colorado Womens Club Volleyball, President of Executive Board Collegiate Club Sports Council, Volunteer Coordinator/Social Media Campaign Manager for Buff Up the Rec, Leeds Professional Mentorship Program

What valuable experience have you gained working at Trep Café? While at Trep Café I have gained experience developing overall strategy and creating marketing communications and materials to grow the Trep Café brand. It has given me an overall perspective of small business operations and goal pursuit, experience communicating with media outlets and product suppliers, and the chance to evaluate product mix and pricing policies.

Favorite Drink: Iced Soy Florentine


Trep Café has awarded $5000 in scholarships every year to Leeds students since its founding in 2005. Each year, the Dean matches the $2500 contribution from Trep Café profits to award scholarships.

Apply for scholarships at

In order to be eligible for a Trep Café scholarship you must meet the following criteria:

  • CU Boulder Leeds Business undergraduate student
  • working student (currently employed)
  • minimum GPA of 3.0
  • demonstrate leadership, innovation and business savvy

**One scholarship will be awarded specifically to an Entrepreneurship Certificate student.



Join our Management Team

Becoming a part of the Trep Café Management team means joining a high-performing, motivated group of students who work together collaboratively to run a small business. From vendor relations, to hiring, to budgeting decisions each manager has a responsibility to the business and the opportunity to use their talent to make an enormous impact. Taking over a management position at the Trep Café offers some of the best business experience available to Leeds students (rather than an entry-level job or internship). It also offers the opportunity to work amongst peers and directly apply coursework and concepts from the business curriculum. After a period of comprehensive training, managers take over for graduating seniors late in the Spring semester.

If you are interested in applying for a management position, please read through the following job descriptions and determine the position that you are most interested in or applies best to you. New managers will be hired by the end of the fall semester, so apply early! Complete the application below, attach a resume and cover letter and either bring your completed application into Trep Café or email to

Management Positions

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Baristas at Trep Café work in a fast-paced, high-energy environment and must learn to master coffee and espresso making skills. They have the chance to constantly interact with Leeds students, faculty and staff as well as contribute to ideas for improvement of the cafe. Excellent customer service skills are a must and applicants must demonstrate reliability and initiative. As students, baristas are able to have flexible work schedules and also have the opportunity to progress into a management position.

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  • Mastering the espresso machine and many recipes
  • Brewing coffee and tea
  • Cash handling, making change and using a POS register
  • Cleaning, which includes sweeping, mopping, taking out the trash/recycling, sanitizing dishes, and restocking
  • Excellent customer service as well as maintaining a clean, friendly environment for students to study and for staff and faculty to take breaks
  • Know how to handle, keep, and prepare food items.
  • Set up and work on a catering order.


  • Part time: 5-15 hours per week. Will not work weekends, except during finals week and for some training meetings.


  • Prior sales and coffee/barista experience is recommended but not required.


Café Hours

  • Monday –Thursday
  • Friday
  • Foursquare
  • Trep Cafe