Donor Profile: Heidi Ganahl, Founder and CEO of Camp Bow Wow

Becoming involved in CESR has been wonderful! It has allowed me to share my experience and vision for a healthier, more collaborative way of doing business as an entrepreneur.  In building a $60 million brand, I’ve seen the value of giving back as I’ve grown my business, and the importance of “doing the right thing”, for my clients, my staff, my brand.  All business owners deal with a constant barrage of ethical and moral dilemmas that require us to think more broadly than just about the effect on our bottom line. Being able to share these challenges and the path to building a socially and ethically responsible company with the students of CESR has been one of the most rewarding aspects of my career since I graduated from CU.  They are truly the brightest and the best students I’ve encountered after speaking to students on campuses nationwide! They are our future, the future of business and the future leaders of our country, so what better way to spend my time and resources than investing in this talented group of youth!

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